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So far…

12 Jun

So friday I set out on a shopping trip. I have very little money at the moment, so have to be careful what I spend it on. There are two stores I thought I’d try–New Sagaya, which has lots of asian foods, a big fresh seafood dept, harris ranch beef and a good produce section. I went into new sagaya feeling like I didn’t know what i was doing and wished I had someone to say “go here!” “buy this!” I didn’t find any meat labeled organic and just a small organic section. So I bailed. Went to Natural Pantry. Ah! EVERYTHING was organic! Meat all labeled hormone free. Potatoes covered with burlap sacks to protect them from light. I bought steaks, red potatoes, asparagus, romaine lettuce, and yams. Also got some borax which I will use (when I get the other ingredients) to try making homemade laundry soap, and some castille soap. Stopped by the gas station for some propane for my grill.

My son cooked the steaks, and I washed the potatoes and asparagus and rolled them in oil. (Didn’t have olive oil, so used veg oil–something to fix next time.) The steaks were almost done so I microwaved the potatoes, then put them on the grill to finish up. I’ve never cooked asparagus before, but I just laid it on the grill. I turned them when the skins got bubbly, and took them off when they bent easily. And TAH DAH! Everything was delicious. Just salt and pepper for seasoning and some butter. A successful first try.

No coffee since thursday. Was going to skip iced tea, but bought it Friday after all. I like getting a large cup of it with ice all the way to the top at lunch and having it on my desk all afternoon. Keeps me alert. But according to some of what I read online, I need to stop with the tea. I’m going to look further into that. If I really need to cut it out, maybe I’ll do lemons in ice water or something.

Tried the castille soap on my hands. It has a nice peppermint smell. Lathered up very nicely, but once the peppermint smell wore off, there was still a strong soap smell, which I am completely adverse to. (found out that is yet another symptom.) I rinsed and rinsed my hands and finally sprinkled some baking soda on them, which seemed to get the soap off finally. Later, discovered the castille soap needs to be mixed with 10 parts water or something before use.