Better already!

13 Jun

I was shocked to wake up this morning feeling good. Joints aren’t stiff. Ankles not swollen. I didn’t need a long nap after work. And I was down 3 pounds on the scale from last week (water definately.) I wasn’t expecting to notice any change for a couple weeks at least. It’s only been 3 days!

Hope this is not just a fluke!

Tried the castille soap in the shower this morning, and it ain’t gonna work. I love the peppermint smell, but can’t stand the followup soap smell. And it leaves a film so didn’t like it on my hair. So instead, I tried stirring some baking soda into a thing of water and pouring that on my head, followed by a vinegar rinse. It really didn’t do much. Maybe I’ll try eggs.

Since Friday, no coffee. A tall cup of iced tea on Friday and a small one today. No McD’s or Taco Bell. Skipped breakfast (slept late) and had a burrito from qdoba for lunch.

Picked up organic, no hormone chicken at Natural Pantry after work and it is on the grill along with red potatoes. i’ll cook some more asparagus too. I’m sure we’ll be sick of that real soon, but for now its yummy and I haven’t figured out what else to cook yet.

Organic bananas and strawberries for dessert.

I need to come up with some lunch ideas so we can brown bag it.

Didn’t get sun today. Still need to pick up the viola. I think I’ll get to bed at a reasonable time tonight too.

It’s good!!!!


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