The plan…

12 Jun

This started because I woke up in the middle of thursday night (a regular thing) feeling like I just could not lie there. I’ve had a problem with magnesium deficiency (along with b vitamin and a bunch of other deficiencies but everything seems to turn out to be related to magnesium.) Usually when I wake up I go and take some magnesium and that lets me fall back asleep within a half hour or so. But this compulsion to get up and move made me wonder, “is this restless leg syndrome, and does it have any thing to do with magnesium?” Looked it up online and sure enough. Caused by magnesium and vitamin b deficiency.

But more, the magnesium and b deficiencies, according to my search, are caused by “estrogen dominance.” And that has a lot of causes, including ingredients in shampoos, laundry detergent, cleaning chemicals, lotions, and certain foods, as well as age related body changes.

I went to an alternative medicine doctor for about a year, several years ago. She put me on progesterone but it turned me into raging, weeping, psychopath. She tested my thyroid and found normal levels, but I still had symptoms of thyroid problems. Adrenal fatigue, fibroids, chronic tiredness, inability to lose weight, the vitamin issues. Now I see that all those are symptomatic of hypothyroidism, which is caused by estrogen dominance. So I think this is the root of my trouble. And I want my energy back. I’m tired of being tired.

So my goals:

1. Get rid of as many xenoestrogens as I can

2. take a mag, vit b, and multi supplement daily

3. stop drinking coffee and tea

4. no more mcdonalds and taco bell–make my own food so I know what is in it

5. buy organic meat and produce to avoid the hormones and pesticides

6. find alternatives to my laundry soap, shampoo, cleaners, and cosmetics


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